Musically, everything I do revolves around songwriting. I began writing songs in the mid '70s, took a long break and started into it again in the late '80s. It was then that I found my own approach. I was greatly influenced by storytellers - Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Lou Reed, old folk & country tunes, and later, people like Shane MacGown and Stephin Merritt. Coming up with a good tune is still my favorite part of playing music. For me, there's nothing like it. Anything that comes after that is icing on the cake. When I started playing with other people - which eventually became the Tempers - my writing became a little more riff-oriented but not much changed lyrically.

"…Simply a gem…each song is a marvel of writing…balanced, fine and powerful…a great among great…an artist in the noblest sense."
- Eric Supparo, Le Cri du Coyote #125 (Americana Music magazine in France)

"You can hold the best of Maurice Mattei's material to the highest songwriting standards. His "Set the World on Fire" would not only fit fine on Bob Dylan's Love and Theft album, it would be a highlight…an ear-opening revelation."
- Don Mcleese, No Depression Magazine (issue #46)

"Over the past couple of decades, Mattei has released a truly stunning amount of material, the majority of which would fit comfortably in the catalog of just about any major or indie label…Mattei transcends references with his wide-ranging songwriting skills and the sinewy and superb accompaniment of the Tempers.
- Brian Baker, CityBeat Magazine

"Great in every respect…not only catchy songs but each contains its own strong narrative…the best of Roots Rock."
- John Gjaltema, Alt Country Netherlands