The Tempers Perform the Best of Maurice Mattei Vol. 3

© Maurice Mattei 2007.
All rights reserved.

Minutes Seem Like Hours

53 Counts

My Baby Left Here Walkin'

Western Skies

I Was a Stranger There

Whatever Happened to George

Carnival Delivery

Let Me Know

Cruel Master

Breakdown Lane

Bankers & Brokers

The Daily Riot

Strange New Dance

Made a Mess of It

Dead Rails

I Want it Back

Jackie's Bambalance

Someday, That'll Be Me

Richmond Park Downs

Can We Leave Without Baby

Carnival Delivery

Breakdown Lane

Bankers & Brokers

Strange New Dance


All songs written by Maurice Mattei © ℗ 2007 BMI

Guitar & vocals - Maurice Mattei
Drums - Mike Grimm
Vocals, midi keys - Korin Mattei
Bass - Bob Nyswonger
Keyboards - James Cole
Pedal Steel - Kenny Holycross
Harmonica - Rick Howell
Sax - Greg Matusak